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A Curriculum Mapping System Built for You
Custom curriculum structures, accreditation standards mapping, and other powerful features and reports to efficiently improve curriculums.
Why eCurriculum?
The most advanced, comprehensive, and flexible application on the market, eMedley is designed to meet the unique needs of health sciences programs in one centralized location.
eCurriculum is not a one-size-fits-all solution. It’s designed to be extremely scalable, so each implementation includes custom functionality to meet a program’s specific needs.
Cloud-based and accessible from anywhere, you and your students can access what you need, when you need it.
Eliminate the lists and spreadsheets. eCurriculum’s intuitive interface and easy navigation panes makes curriculum mapping easier than ever.

1. Structure


Every school is different, so our team works with each program to configure the system to match the program’s curriculum structure. All the courses and available paths to graduation are specific to your curriculum. Choose whether to map to the session level for even more detailed mapping and reports.


2. Map

Mapping curriculum has never been easier. Upload course, program, and session objectives to align to accrediting body’s competencies through your curriculum structure. 

3. Reports


Run reports to see which competencies are being covered based on your program’s concepts and where there are gaps in your curriculum coverage. Reports can can be run at all levels of a program’s curriculum to fulfill any accreditation standards necessary. Filter the reports by session objectives, accreditation competencies and everything in between. Use these reports to refine your curriculum, filling in gaps and adjusting distributions to match your program’s desires. The reports are hugely helpful when it comes time for accreditation, as you can instantly access exactly what data you need.

Curriculum Mapping

Curriculum mapping is exactly what it sounds like: it involves mapping out your curriculum to gain a better understanding of when everything is being covered and how topics relate to each other. It involves connecting goals or standards to each other at various levels and mapping out when each of the program’s goals will be covered in the actual classroom. Mapping can also include assessments and labs. While curriculum mapping can initially be a bit daunting to faculty, it creates peace of mind and saves time down the road.

eCurriculum is a comprehensive curriculum-mapping system that makes the process of mapping more organized and offers gap and overlap analysis to help guide improvements in your curriculum. This type of system, along with the expertise of the eMedley product team, makes curriculum mapping much easier and more approachable. Curriculum mapping improves the quality of programs and peace of mind for students and faculty, making it more than worth the initial push to get the ball rolling. Read more about curriculum mapping here

Excited to learn more?
Find out how eCurriculum can improve your school’s curriculum mapping efficiency and provide insights on your curriculum’s gaps and overlaps.