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Our Features Separate Us From Others
Creating the most state-of-the-art curriculum mapping system for health sciences programs.








Curriculum Mapping


Custom curriculum structure for aligning program competencies and accreditation standards.

Course Creation

Full control over managing program courses.

Customize Objectives


Create program, course, and session objectives for curriculum.

Preloaded Standards


Accreditation standards matching to program type come pre-loaded into the system.

Gap and Overlap Analysis

Run reports to show the program’s curriculum gaps and overlaps.


Archive the full curriculum from previous years.

Customizable Faculty Access


Give permissions to groups or to people for access to different content.

Curriculum Calendar


Schedule course sessions or general events into a comprehensive curriculum calendar.

Public Curriculum Website

Publish a version of the curriculum website with only publicly available course content.

Curriculum Search

Quickly search for keywords across your entire curriculum in one easy-to-use interface.

Syllabus Generation

Generate a syllabus based on course section information in eCurriculum.

Curriculum Inventory

Build and export your program’s unique Curriculum Inventory.

Canvas and Blackboard Integration

eCurriculum can integrate with Canvas and Blackboard to further streamline the curriculum mapping process. 

Excited to learn more?
Find out how eCurriculum can improve your school’s curriculum mapping efficiency and provide insights on your curriculum’s gaps and overlaps.